Turtle Island, Gladstone Queensland

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Name     Turtle Island

LocationQueensland, Australia

Type        Private Island; Freehold

Price       Starts from AUD 5,000,000

Size         23.25 Acres / 9.41 HA 94100 sqm approx.

                    Length (north—south) 631 metres

                    Width (east—west) 254 metres

Turtle Island is like a scattered pearl of the Pacific Ocean. It is perched high up on one of the handful of fully freehold private Islands on our magnificent Queensland Coast Australia in the South Pacific Ocean. It is just 5 kilometres from the famous harbour city Gladstone in Queensland. This luxurious and spacious themed Australian designed home looks towards the east over the surrounding Islands and beyond to the Great Barrier Reef, with Lady Musgrave, Lady Elliot and Heron Island coral cays less than an hour from your own private jetty.

Ideal Vacation Paradise

Australian Turtle Island is a famous private island on the south Pacific, with unique natural climate, exceptional Pacific view, blue sky, beautiful beaches, alluring coral reefs, attractive plants and animals, the picturesque beauty of the Great Barrier Reef, which make it a world-renowned yearning. Even more remarkable is the fact that Turtle Island is a pure private island here, whether it is for holiday or entertaining guests at home, this island is a private peaceful paradise on the sea, with the best of privacy protection, once drew much attention of those international stars and Australian famous people.

In the middle of the island, surrounded by green trees, it is a vacation house with about 551 square meters of its size. The indoor area is about 415 square meters; the outdoor area is about 136 square meters. We can enjoy this beautiful island scenery in the house, even view overlooking the Great Barrier Reef. The vacation house has a total of 4 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms. Independent of luxurious guest rooms, private cinema, game room, music room, beautiful balcony, swimming pool, tennis courts and other facilities from soup to nuts. The island is equipped with private pier and helipads.

The main house has one of the largest kitchens imaginable, with enough cooking and preparation area that could cater for the biggest celebrity party or just enough for the whole family. Surrounding the eastern side of this opulent home is a wide veranda that has enough room for the largest outside furniture and BBQ.

The lounge and family area has high ceilings with handpicked wooden floors and large multi opening doors to allow the light breeze to filter through whilst gazing over the vast blue water.

 Perfect Facilities Equipped

This island has 15 huge fresh water tanks all interconnected and two dams; enough to keep the largest family or guest clean or water this tropical wonderland.

The house is kept bright and functional through a series of solar panel collectors and supplemented with a powerful diesel generator. All appliances and fixtures including lighting are at mainland voltage and the system is set up to ensure all the appliances are run at optimum levels utilizing alternate energy at its maximum potential.

Maintenance costs

About $60,000 a year for maintenance costs including gardens, indoor and outdoor facilities care and maintenance, as well as a full-time housekeeper labor cost. Municipal management fees, etc. and all other land tax fees cost is about $40,000 a year.

Market Background and sales Record

There are many islands in Australia, but those can completely private owned and permanently owned property for sale is very rare. Many islands for sale only have 99 years leasehold or even as short as 30 or 50 years. This island has always been a private property permanently.

In 1999, an international famous star Julia Roberts keened to secure this island for a holiday haven in Australia, but lost out to a Sydney developer who snagged this nine-hectare island for $3 million.

In 2010, the island clinched a deal for 5.6 million Australian dollars, but at that time the island did not officially get government permission of license to operate for tourism vacation homes, the buyer lost deposit and withdraw the deal.

The turtle island was for sale again in 2013, listing price is $6.75 million. American reality TV show hostess wanted to buy this island and built into children’s amusement park. Unfortunately, negotiations were unsuccessful.

At present, Turtle Island has formally approved by the government and acquired the official license which can be used as a holiday village. There is great potential that can be separately designed to increase building properties. About 60 kilometers from Gladstone city, another private island has achieved government approval to build three buildings on the island to expand its business. The turtle island is only 5 kilometers from downtown which is very likely to be approved to build more properties.